The Top 3 Obstacles Facing Data Center Managers

The Top 3 Obstacles Facing Data Center Managers

Rob Jordan | Data Center Infrastructure Architect

Today, Data Center (DC) managers are confronted with a number of challenges to obtaining successful data center management. 

The top three obstacles facing DC managers today are:

  • Capacity management
  • Power management
  • Cooling requirements

Capacity Management 

The most important obstacle for DC managers to overcome is capacity management. Maintaining optimal efficiency means keeping the data center running at peak performance. Running out of capacity is the kiss of death for a DC manager. 

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems are becoming more and more popular for DC managers as an efficient way to manage capacity. DCIM systems are used to identify unused computing, storage and cooling capacity. 

DCIM systems can also help manage the data center more efficiently and to help it run at full capacity while minimizing risk.

Power Management 

The single most vital concern for DC managers is the increase of power consumption in the data center, and, more importantly, finding effective methods to manage that power consumption. Virtualization is decreasing the number of servers used in data centers, while the amount of power needed at the cabinet/rack is constantly increasing. 

A normal power consumption of 2kW per cabinet/rack can seemingly reach 35kW per cabinet/rack.  New blades and servers today can consume 4 or 5 times more power and must be managed properly.


As power requirements increase, so do cooling requirements. DC managers are challenged with designing data centers in a manner that optimizes the overall layout for maximum cooling efficiencies.

For instance, typical designs are moving cables from the raised floor to an overhead application.  Cabling designs have also changed to reduce the overall outside diameter (O.D.) of the cable, especially for higher fiber/copper counts. These changes will facilitate a more streamlined movement of cooling throughout the data center, maximizing the cooling efficiencies as outlined in ASHRAE documents.

Ask an architect 

A good understanding of the challenges confronted by DC managers is our greatest resource. Understanding your design options will help eliminate any confusuion.

Consider exploring your cable options in each area of concern. For example, a good Layer 1 design is vital to capacity management. The CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® Solution, an innovative, high-density fiber optic cabling system, can typically provide 30% power and cooling savings - just based on the O.D. of the cables. 

CABLExpress offers technology updates that cover a number of topics and/or best practices, designed to help DC managers avoid the many obstacles they face on a daily basis. 

Let CABLExpress help you with your data center design by scheduling a visit with one of our team of architects today.

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