Top 3 Ways to Avoid (April) Foolishness in Your Data Center

Top 3 Ways to Avoid (April) Foolishness in Your Data Center

April Fools' Day can be fun at the office, but there is no place for fooling around in the data center… especially with your structured cabling! It is all well and good to have some silly office pranks going on, but you should never fool around with this in the data center. As you scheme up some jokes for today, here are the top things to avoid.

Never fake an outage.

It may seem funny to get someone in a panic over a fake outage, but this can lead to disaster. That person may just start unplugging cables! You never know how people will react under duress.

Don’t unplug any cables!

This might seem funny in a “let’s see what happens” kind of way but you never know what data is going through that channel. It could have a major effect and cause issues with whatever business that you are involved with.


Don’t hide behind a cabinet.

We wouldn't recommend hiding and popping out to scare someone. They could jump and wind up knocking something loose that could cause some downtime - nobody wants that!

Bottom line: It's probably best to keep your April Fools' pranks to the office area :) Have fun!